Reputation, Repitition “What you do when you’re alone that’s the reps your reputation is reaping the benefits of those reps”.

That’s the quote I live by!

Hey, I’m Cody Mannix, the CEO and Founder of Better Body Better Life, LLC.

I heal the mind and body through exercise and the art of stretching with mastermind strategies and results driven techniques that have helped hundreds of clients through my years of coaching and training.

I didn’t start my business simply to earn a buck but because I’m driven to help others succeed and transform in every aspect of their life.

I’ve developed a coaching program to help individuals become successful BDI.

Step 1- Believe- in yourself.

Step 2- Dominate- your industry and develop a niche’

Step 3- Inspire- others, in order to inspire others you must first be an inspiration to yourself..

Here are the accolades that I have picked along the way:

  • Titan Celebrity Sponsored Athlete
  • NFPT certified personal trainer and PNF stretching specialist
  • Placed in the top 5 at the men’s open physique competition
  • Coached several fitness competitors who have gone on to win their class
  • Trained 100s of clients, both male and female age groups, ranging from 14 to 65
  • Helped several gyms bring in thousands of new memberships
  • Certified motivational speaker and founding member of the Les Brown Maximum Achievement team
My training expertise lies in:
  • Body sculpting
  • Stretching
  • Glute and butt building mastery
  • Shoulder shredding
  • Core and abdominal development

I believe anything is possible with proper coaching and the right mindset!

I believe in the saying, “The sky is the limit.”

Now… I’m ready to help you reach the sky!

I created the Unlock Your Body program to help women like you who want to get in shape but need motivation or are either too busy or simply don’t know where to start.

I combined my PERSONAL TRAINING, STRETCHING, COACHING & MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKING experience all into one program.

Listen, life’s too short not to be in the shape that you want to be.

In 30 days, you’ll have the opportunity to start sculpting the type of figure you’ve always wanted!

I assure you that my program will do everything in its power to get you there!

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